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  TBIAC Aircraft Logistics and Flight Crew
  • TBIAC is offering its customers a unique logistical service. We pick up, maintain, register, ferry flight, and deliver the aircraft to our customers anywhere in the world.

Airlines buy or lease aircraft, which are located at an airport or dessert, which is too far from their main hub. Most of the time, it is too costly and time consuming for the airline to send somebody from the own company to perform this task.

Now TBIAC offers its customers this cost and time saving service. Our highly experienced team travels to the site of wherever the aircraft is located. We manage and organize every check and maintenance the aircraft needs or under specific customer specifications, to have it meet every FAA and EASA requirements.

After all of the checks, repairs and updates have been performed, we will ferry flight the aircraft to our customers destination of choice. Now the aircraft is ready for regular flight operations.

  • Do you only require a skilled and fully rated crew for a ferry flight? No Problem! TBIAC now offers the service of having a fully rated crew ready for your next ferry flight.